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Box Pressed Vintage Cigars

Rocky Patel has maintained a constant position of fame in the cigar industry. One of his cigar series by nish patel has captured the taste buds of certain cigar aficionados. Apart from this, Rocky Patel’s most of the series is globally available in cigar stores due to their demand. These special cigars are available in Robusto, Toro & Torpedo shapes, only limited to 1,000 20ct boxes of each. By box pressing the previously medium-bodied blend, the new square shape enhances all of the flavour nuances that make this blend a unique & flavourful experience.

Besides, his cigars are also acclaimed the best cigars international. Earlier, the round cigars were the only type that entertained the cigar enthusiasts. Recently, the Box Pressed cigars are produced in large numbers and are also preferred.more than the latter. With a smooth and a complex build, these square pressed cigars produce a sweet smell.