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Rocky Patel Cigars Collection

Among the modern age cigar collections, Rocky Patel cigars ranked high for producing a luxurious range of various shaped cigars of all sizes. Besides, the renowned honduran Cigars roller Hamlet Parades is known to be the best skills person Rocky have to produce these rare premium cigars. His Olde World Reserve Maduro from Vintage 2003 of all sizes have been the 2018’s excellent smoke. 2019 lines up the ALR cigar batch for recent launch of LB1 and Aged cigars, his yet top-notch addition to the previous collection.

Rocky Patel cigars review every year in Cigar Aficionado has always ranked above 90. Above all, the various blended flavours of Coffee, hints of earthiness, combined with the right amount of spices makes his cigars exceptional in the cigar market.